Pardoned Prisoners Rounded, Returned to Prison

By Muhammed Sailu Bah
Foroyaa has been informed by close sources that two of those reported
to be pardoned by the president, as announced on national television
on Friday, 3 July, are picked up and returned to the prison.Mrs. Fatou Njie, a former staff of Kairaba Pharmacy, who was sentenced
to five years imprisonment, was released late in the night on that
Friday and she went home to reunite with her family, according to
a close family source.  The source added that on the following day (Saturday)
around 9pm after the breaking of the fast, a man came to their home
and identified himself as a prison officer.
“This officer told us that she came to collect Fatou Njie and go with
her as she was needed to sign a document at the police station,” said
the source.
The source said she did not return home since then and that the family
does not know her whereabouts.
Another person who was announced as pardoned was Mr. Abdoulie Sowe, a
Senegalese national, serving a term in prison.
According to one of his relatives, Mr. Sowe called on Saturday morning
to inform them that they released him around 3 am and that he was staying
in the house of another pardoned ex-convict at Kanifing. The source
said she wanted Mr. Sowe to come to their home immediately but that
the latter told him that he is staying with his colleague until in the
“I received a call around 10pm on Saturday from someone who is staying
in the compound where Abdoulie was with his friend and who informed
him that some officers came there to fetch him to sign a document and
have left with him,” she said.
She said one of their relatives went to Mile 2 prison to look for
him the following day and that he found him there.
The relative said Sowe has already spent almost 20 years in the Mile 2 Prison.