GPU Trains CSOs, Media on Human Rights

By Amie Sanneh
The Gambia Press Union (GPU) yesterday concluded a three day training
on Human Rights for Senior Journalists and members of the Civil
Society Organisation (CSOs).The meeting which brought together senior journalists selected by the
GPU and Civil Society activists was held at the GTMI in Kanifing.
The Secretary General of the Gambia Press Union (GPU), Saikou Jammeh,
said the purpose of the meeting is to create a platform where
journalists and Civil Society activists, who are usually the first
respondents when rights are violated, would come together and
interface. “When they interface, it can probably trigger collaboration
between these groups of people and because when we collaborate we will
be able to make more impact on human rights work,” he remarked.
Human rights, he said, is crucial to the work of journalists which can
be trace back to the founding principles of journalism.
Mr. Jammeh also stated that Civil Society activists play a crucial
role in the promotion of human rights and thus bringing them together
will be vital in terms of sharing experiences because the spaces in
which they work are different even though there are lots of
commonalities. He said when it comes to relationship between the civil
society and the media, there are lots of things which need to be
improved upon and he believes that this is one step which can lead to
it. He called on the participants to practice what they have learned
in their various workplaces.
“The purpose of every training program that the GPU organize is to
give knowledge to the people, if you give them knowledge, you are
empowering them, when you empower them, you expect them to act on the
powers that you have given them so we expect them to go out and start
implementing the knowledge that they have gain here. We are expecting
to see more improve reporting on human rights issues in the media,”
concluded the GPU SG.
The GPU has recently signed a financial agreement with the German
Government through its Embassy in Dakar.
This training is the first of a series of activities to be conducted
under this program.