Uncollected Garbage In Bundung Poses Health Threat

By Muhammed Sailu Bah
Sulayman Darboe a resident of Bijankerr Street in Bundung Bore hole,Garbage In Bundung
said the heap of rubbish dumped behind his compound is causing a
serious health threat to his family and the people living within the
neighbourhood.Mr. Darboe had on several occasions contacted Foroyaa to help amplify
their concerns for the municipal authorities to know about the
existence of this heap of rubbish that is dumped behind his compound
“For so many years now people from different areas come at night to
dump all kinds of rubbish, ranging from plastic bags, dead animals,
rotten fruits and fish among others,” said Darboe
According to Darboe, the rubbish heap has now become increased in size
and is emitting a bad odour that makes the environment uncomfortable
for them to breathe.
He lamented the worms, flies, other insects and rodents that come from
the place and enter their compounds.
Mr. Darboe said sometimes smoke usually comes out of the heap of
rubbish and pollute the whole environment. He added that he normally
call the young boys to help him put off the fire anytime he notices
“I have spent a lot of money just to clear the heap but still I cannot
clear everything, and I have also spoken to the Councillor of Bundung
Bore hole to help remedy the situation,” he disclosed.
He said people normally come at night and throw the rubbish their when
everyone is asleep.
“Sometimes I have to wake up late in the night to check the
environment, but you will not know when people will come and throw
rubbish there,” he disclosed.
Mr. Darboe said they hardly see KMC rubbish collection vehicles come
to their street. He said they instead resort to paying D15 per bag to
the donkey cart owners to dispose their rubbish all the way to the
Bakoteh Dumpsite. However, he noted that some residents do not have
the means to pay for this service and that they may resort to illegal
He said not long ago some members of the Kanifing Municipal Council
visited the dumpsite and have seen the rubbish but since then nothing
is done about it.
Similar complaints were made by Lamin Darboe, another resident, who
expressed fears about the rains coming and finding the rubbish not
cleared from the area.
He said the rain water will wash away the heap and scatter the rubbish
all over the place. He said this poses a danger to the health of their
children who always play outside in the streets.
He also called on the Authorities to come to their aid.
At the Bundung Bohole market, the stench from a nearby rubbish dump
was so over powering and both vendors and customers wee seen covering
the noses.
The vendors as well as stall owners also plead for KMC to be coming
frequently to help in collecting the rubbish on time.
Heap of rubbish behind Mr. Bojang’s compound