Foroyaa is deeply moved that another Gambia is in the making; a Gambia
of the people! Even community radio stations could not avoid the
debate on Elections (Amendment) Bill 2015.The Gambian people have shown in the 2012 National Assembly Elections
and 2013 Council elections that they are independent of the executive
and could take decisions which go counter to the wishes of the
Out of 18 seats Independent Candidates won 4 seats and polled over
60,000 of the popular vote while APRC had 18 out of 23 contested seats
and polled only 80,000 of the popular vote. Will those candidates be
able to afford 50,000 dalasis as deposit if they are not supported
financially by the people?
Foroyaa did follow the cases of detained candidates who eventually
won council elections after being released.
Suffice it to say that 10 Independent Candidates won their council
seats out 40 contested seats. Will these people who currently earn
1500 dalasis monthly be able to pay a deposit of 10,000 dalasis to
stand as candidates in council elections if they are not supported
financially by the people?
Foroyaa will reach out to those councillors to find out their views as
we continue our campaign for participation by calling for the deposits
to be fixed by the IEC. What do you think?