MANJAI’s SAGA WRANGLES ON As MYDA unhappy with KM’s proposal

By Sulayman Bah
There seems to be no ending to the crisis rocking Manjai Sports withKM President Saikou MYDA President Abdourahman Bah
its youth and sports body unhappy with the proposal of the Kanifing
Municipality Regional Sports Committee.
The KM regional committee, Manjai Youth and Sports DevelopmentAssociation (MYDA) and stakeholders met last week in a bid to iron out
the ongoing controversy rocking the zone.
At the meeting, held behind close doors, it was recommended that the
Manjai Sports Committee be made autonomous of MYDA under whose
flagship it was established and has been answerable to.
The custody of the keys of the Manjai sports complex, which has lately
been a source of controversy, was also recommended to be under the
Manjai Sports Committee subject to a formal written request by the KM,
revealed close sources.
When reached for comments, Saikou Bah, the KM Sports regional body
president, confirmed the proposals being made by his body for the
Manjai sport entity to be independent of MYDA.
“We told them sport has to be autonomous of the MYDA. They cannot
go to congress and you still control them. MYDA and MSC have to be
separated. Like other zones, the pitches are controlled by sports
committees which we all agreed on unanimously. So we decided to give
the sports committee the keys to control. Though, we are yet to officially
write to that effect,” Saikou Bah told Foroyaa Sport.
However, MYDA is the least impressed by the outcome of the talks,
especially with regard to suggestion for the complex – that has long
been under their control – to now be run by Manjai Sports Committee,
insisting the pitch unlike other zones, is owned by the Manjai
“The scenario in Manjai is different from other sporting complex in the
country. Ours is given to us by the community. So whatever that has to
be done that will not be decided by the youth. So here the community
decides. The youth of the community are unhappy with its (the KM’s
position),” he said.
The KM, according to Bah, is lining up restructuring MYDA’s youth
sector, whose constitution, the regional body says doesn’t tally with
the Youth Act.
“And we’re also looking at how to furnish them (Myda youth sector)
with some funds to do their activities because they are also serving
the nation,’ Saikou Bah who also doubles as SESDO’s president
revealed, a move Myda considers compensation,” said Mr. Bah.
Last week’s meeting comes in the wake of petition lodged by MYDA
lawyers urging the KM to investigate the Manjai saga including
composition of the MSC executive set up.
“What we want is for them (KM) to investigate the funds that these
people (Manjai current president Lamin Darboe and crew) raised
on behalf of MYDA” said Bah, in reference to allegations of
embezzlement by the previous leadership.