Drug Officer further cross-examined in trial of purported beaten man

By Kebba Jeffang
NCA3 Abdoulie Kebbeh, an officer of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Sheikh Cham
(DLEA) attached to Wellingara Police Station as the DLEA unit station
officer was further subjected to cross examination by the defence
counsel at proceeding held at the Kanifing Magistrates Court on
Monday, July 13, 2015 before Magistrate Kijera.When the matter was called, NCA1 Jawla appeared for the DLEA whilst
Lawyer Modou Drammeh represented the accused person.
During cross examination, Lawyer Modou Drammeh put it to the witness
that when the accused person was being initially approached by the
arresting team, he (the witness) was some metres away from the accused
person; the witness responded that he was with the team and the
approach was with courtesy and politeness.
“I put it to you that when the accused person was taken to your office,
you and the team tortured him both physically and mentally by putting
him in solitary confinement,” said counsel. The witness’ response was
in the negative
“Who is the Commissioner, Banjulinding station?” asked the defence
lawyer. PW1 named Maolud Faal.
Lawyer Drammeh further put it to the witness that Commissioner Faal has
called the accused person to his office condemning him for publishing
the issue in Foroyaa newspaper. The witness however disagreed with
“Were you present there?” asked counsel. “No,” replied the witness.
“I put it to you that because you were not present you could not have
known what had transpired between the two,” said counsel. “Yes,”
replied the witness. “I also put it to you that your Commissioner, Faal,
called to tell the accused person that he has  called his potential
witnesses and warned them to testify against his favour,” said lawyer
Drammeh. The witness responded that he doesn’t know about that.
The defence counsel at this juncture sought for adjournment and
requested from the court to be furnished with documents by the
prosecution so that he can continue with the cross examination of the
first witness.
The prosecution did not object to the application and therefore the case was adjourned
till Monday 27 July, 2015 at 1:15pm.
Sheikh Cham had alleged that at the time of his arrest, he was tortured
by his arrestor which was published by this medium. After a while he
was charged with ‘obstruction’ which he denies.