“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced,” –Vincent Van Gogh


Youth patrolling along the rough journey

Life-risk journey

Nerve upsetting journey

Rich or die journey

All youths embarking on the rough phase to success

Thought lingering in their minds is

‘Back way is the fastest route to success’

Peer influence being a strong factor

A reason among the whole lots of reasons

Every being want to be rich

And every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks

Going abroad is the sole solution to be rich

Despite the death row cases

Operation no back up is well alive in the minds of the masses

And this frighten nobody willing to go on trekking the bushes

And mountains till the last breath

Communities lacking youths

Farms lacking youths

Work places lacking working and energetic youths

All due to this fatal journey

A death or alive journey.

By Lamin Sanneh,

HTC, Gambia College


Life maybe stressful But smiling is beautiful As you’re rewarded by the Merciful So be cheerful Let your tears be useful

Life is a journey You maybe blessed with money But it can’t buy you a honey As others need no penny But just a smile, if any

You may be poor and needy But that should not make you greedy Embrace your fate and get ready To smile and don’t be moody

You may not be treated fairly But keep smiling daily As this will help you dearly Frowning is so deadly Sorrow is worldly Don’t be overcome by grief so badly Be grateful and friendly

You may not attain your dreams today But remember you were blessed yesterday Smile and hope for a better day As after rain, comes the sunny day And tomorrow could be a holiday

By Marabi S Hydara,