Modou Bamba Gaye (NRP) Wins Lower Saloum By Election

Mr. Modou Bamba Gaye, the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) sponsored candidate for the National Assembly by election in Lower Saloum Constituency in the Central River Region (CRR), has defeated Mr. Kebba Touray, of the ruling APRC candidate, by a margin 1146 votes.

In this by election held yesterday, Thursday, 6 August 2015, Mr. Gaye of the NRP polled 2764 votes while Mr. Touray of APRC got 1618 votes.

Mr. Gaye was therefore duly elected to serve as the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Lower Saloum.

This by election followed the removal of the then NAM Mr. Pa Malick Ceesay from the ruling APRC party.