By Mustapha Jallow
A seven year old boy is reported dead in Abuko on Friday, 14 AugustGulley through which Jebbel was swept away
2015, following heavy downpour of rains. The consequent turbulent flow
of the rain water carried the victim to the swamps, a distressful
father told this paper.Speaking to Foroyaa in Abuko, Alhagie Bajan, father of the boy said
the unfortunate incident occurred late Friday evening, at 5pm when
torrential rains began falling causing heavy downpour of water which
accidentally caught the victim, sweeping him through the gullies to
the swamps.
The deceased, identified as Jebbel Bajan is a 7 year old Nusery Grader
at the Abuko Nursery School. He was found dead at the Swamps and laid
to rest on the following day, Saturday.
A resident of the neighbourhood said the incident could have been
avoided if Municipal authorities intervened to restore and maintain
the gutters and water ways on the highway, which he added is exposing
residents, especially women and children to danger in the rainy
He calls on the KMC to urgently assist in restoring and maintaining
the gutters and water ways. The father of the victim has through this
medium appealed to the general public including NGOs, the Private
sector and Governmental institutions for humanitarian assistance.