By Saikou Suwareh Jabai
Residents from the six main streets of Brikama Missira have expressed
dissatisfaction over the current road conditions which is making the
cost of transport fares increasingly difficult.This prompted the Village Development Committee, (VDC), to appeal for
the digging of a drainage system.
Chairperson of the committee, Jim Danjo, speaking to this reporter at
his residence on Friday, 14th August, 2015, said the conditions of the
streets are very appalling. He said the present state of streets is a
cause for concern for the VDC and the population, since it is giving
them a lot of problems in terms of accessibility to the main mosque,
transportation of goods from other places to the area, and even
carrying corpse to the cemetery at present, since all the main
entrance points are in very bad situations.
“The VDC has embarked on several road rehabilitation activities since
2008, but could not still find a lasting solution to the
inaccessibility due to the construction of the main highway which is
preventing water from flowing away,” he said.
Chairman Danjo further said despite the fact that at one point the
VDC bought some gravels, as well as the Area Council, it was not
adequate. More gravel should be made available to them by the Council
as the local service provider in the region, noting that the people of
Missira are taxpayers who always pay their taxes without any delay.
The people are very concerned with the continuous deplorable state of
their streets and have been living with frustration for the past
couple of years. People have been displaced as a result of flooding
into homes.
“The VDC Scribe, Alieu Darboe, acting under the request of the VDC,
wrote to the Area Council through the Ward Councilor, Momodou Ceesay,
last year regarding the state of the streets and requested for gravel
to be provided. A letter of acceptance was sent to him and the
gravels was never delivered to the community,’’ he said.
He opined that the local administrators should take up the issue as a
matter of urgency to come to the aid of the residence in danger of
flood once again, because in the previous rainy seasons, most of the
families were victims of floods.
The VDC PRO and the Vice Chairperson both re-echoed similar remarks,
appealing to the relevant authorities to come to the aid of the people
who are living in fear of becoming flood victims again.