Heavy Rain Storm Affects 22 Households, School in Banjul

A heavy rain storm last Friday which started around 16:20 hours andRain Storm Affects 22 Households
lasted for almost 45 minutes, destroyed roof tops and buildings in the
Capital City of Banjul. The rain storm affected about 93 victims from
22 households, and Muslim Senior Secondary Schools in Banjul.
Few people are reported to have sustained injuries from the disaster.Most of the disaster victims’ houses are seen with no roof, some of
their roofs flew from their homes to the streets of Banjul and
compounds of other people thereby causing destructions in those
compounds. Most of the buildings affected are storey buildings.Aja Mai’s home destroyed by heavy storm
Just few houses are seen, demolished partly by the wind storm, which
include the house of Aja Maimuna Savage, the renowned Islamic female
Scholar in the Gambia.
She was met at Lauvel Square with the Family. She described the
incident as the will of God.
“It is sad because I was born in this house” said Aja Ramata Savage
the elder sister of Aja Maimuna Savage.
The city council officials went round to meet the victims with the
City Disaster Management team on an assessment.
For Muslim High School, the roof top of their classroom building was
totally removed by the heavy wind storm. The old police line building
was also affected by the storm; as the roof top was removed.
The heavy storm also uprooted big trees, as well as destroyed
electrical wires in the City.
Efforts were made to contact Mr. Hudul E.N Colley, Banjul Disaster
Coordinator to comment on the issues. He said they were going round to
finally establish the causes and how many people are affected all
together. He promised to get back to Foroyaa as soon as possible.

Blown off corrugated Iron roof from a storey building dumped by the
wind in the street