In 2013 and 2014, the Gambia witnessed the launching of the Food
Agricultural Security Project (FASDEP) and The Agricultural Land and
Water Management Development Project (NEMA).The Government has attracted a total investment of 130 Million dollars for the two
projects. Arrests and detentions have paralysed NEMA to the point that
it cannot meet some of its financial obligation. Despite the release of
detainees, the administration still appears to be at a standstill.
The Government has got all the support it needed to make a real
difference despite all the arrests and detentions. Unlike Mugabe the
government has not been subjected to any sanctions. It has no excuse
to give for failure to achieve its visions.
An institution cannot be viable if it cannot meet its financial
obligations. Revisit NEMA’s financial obligations and put the
stagnation to an end.