With Saikou Suwareh Jabai
You are welcome to yet another edition of your weekly Student’s Voice. We feature stories, articles, poems, etc, from students and teachers alike. We encourage other students to contribute and get their writing skills developed. The column is open to all and sundry in the education milieu in of The Gambia. Sit back, relax and enjoy these fascinating pieces.
“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.” -Nelson Mandela

Youths patrolling along the rough journey life-risk journey
Nerve upsetting journey
Rich or die journey.
All youths embarking on the rough phase to success
Thought lingering in their minds
Is ‘back way is the fastest route to success?’
Peer influence being a strong factor
A reason among the whole lots of reasons
Every being want to be rich
And every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks
Going abroad is the sole solution to be rich.
Despite the death row cases
Operation no back up is well alive
In the minds of the masses
And this frighten people willing
To go on trekking the bushes
And mountains till the last breath
Communities lacking youths
Farms lacking youths
Work places lacking working and energetic youths
All due to this fatal journey
A life and death journey.

By Lamin Sanneh,
HTC 3C Gambia College

A profession among professions
An uneasy profession
A path-to-paradise profession
An experience-full profession
This profession gives birth to presidents
This profession gives birth to doctors
This profession gives birth to nurses
This profession gives birth to ministers
This profession gives birth to lawyers
This profession is the gateway
The passage through which
Every being need to be taught-of
In order to be knowledgeable
To be meaningful in society
To be respectable
To be a role model
A teacher takes a hand
Open the mind and touches the heart
A teacher should be respected
A teacher should be compensated
A teacher cannot be paid
Only God can pay him
Teachers contribute immensely
To National Development
Because teaching is a noble profession
By Lamin Sanneh,
HTC 3C Gambia College.

The silkiness is the roughness
A mouthful spitting
A bitter pill to swallow
The belly of a craving man opens up
Digesting even the hardest
Running his feet
On the roughest road
Blistering the skins
As he is woed
But not in the eyes of the skies
As they cry for him
Shed tears
Rain and wash away oppression
The barley fields grow
The doves feed and grow
Grow feathers and fly away
The era is born
The revolutionary is done
By Abdou Jallow,

If you listen a lot
You may get lost
Or may stay put
Or your heart will pop
Or your mind maybe booked
With their words
If you do good
They will try to kill it
Making illustrations which don’t fit
When you do bad
You are the talk of the town
While they will never let the cat out of the bag
Yes they will keep theirs
And spread lies
Clean your path
Listen to your heart
Do what suites you best
And be among the rest
Who carry golden hearts
No turning back
When the engine of life is rumbling
Don’t listen if they grumble
Dreams are only dreams when achieved
Life is to gather the best
Life is too short
But a history which blossoms you will leave behind
Tell me you won’t give up
Tell me you will drip the sweat were its worth dripping
Tell me you will heal when hurt
Tell me won’t take to your heels in vain
Tell me you won’t step on toes
Tell me you well be angelic
Tell me you won’t be greedy
Tell me I will achieve my aims
Tell me I am not frail
Never give up if you have a vision
And a plain mission
To make beautiful illustrations in your life
And make all your foes agape
For you become a star
Never turn back
Never lose hope
Life is bitter and sweet
A story you and I can’t predict
But its worth trying to be society’s tree
A history for the young to consume
And make their lives bright
Live life using your brain and follow your heart
By Maimuna Joof,
Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute