By Mustapha Jallow
Residents and drivers plying the Tabokoto-Coastal road highway haveIntersection along the Coastal Road
expressed grave concern over the poor condition of the
Wellingara-SinchuAlagi highway often called the ‘Coastal Road’.
This reporter, who was out and about, met scores of passengers and
drivers, who harped on the poor road conditions, lamenting theterrible and worsening state of the road especially during the rainy
BaboucarMbaye, a commercial van driver, who plies the road, said he
has so far spent a lot of money on repairs of his vehicle which
often has a breakdown due to the bad road.

“I always encounter breakdowns with this part or that part getting
damaged by the craters or potholes along the road,” he lamented.

For AbdoulieJobe, who was found stranded in a pool of stagnant water
in the middle of the road, expressed his frustration over driving on such
roads. He said he has breakdown that requires a lot of money to fix
before the vehicle is roadworthy again.

“How can you work and make money in this type of situation?” he asked.

Julaba Barry, an expecting mother, who joined a passenger vehicle with
two of her children, also lamented the condition of the road, adding
that women in her situation should not even be travelling on such

“But what can we do since we cannot stay at home all throughout. I
have to go to the Banjul hospital regularly to check my condition and
to the market for the family to eat,” she explained.

Talking to MrBabou Marr, one of the head of a car park or ‘chef de
garage’, as they are often called, he acknowledged the poor state of
the roads and the need to have good roads to facilitate easy
movement of vehicles. He appealed to government to construct more
roads and to regularly maintenance the existing ones.
When this reporter visited the National Roads Authority (NRA) on MDI
road in Kanifing North for them to shed light on the issue, the
Managing Director, Modou Senghore, was said to be indisposed.
However, one of the technical staff acknowledged that they are aware
of the deplorable condition of the road, adding that they are working
on plans to construct the stretch.