Farmers blame heavy down pour for negative impact on some crops

Abdoulie G. Dibba
Farmers in Lower River, Central River and  North Bank Regions haveMAIZE FARM
told Farmers’ Eye that the heavy down pour of rain experienced this
year, has impacted negatively on the growth of cereals particularly
millet and maize.The farmers the regions made these statements from the 31st of August to
the 6th of September 2015.
According to Amat Faal of Sabach Sanjal District in the North Bank
Region, though the rainy season has registered a lot of rainfall, they
have experienced poor germination with regard to groundnut as well as
poor growth rate with regard to millet and maize.
Apart from the poor growth rate, most millet and maize are yellow in
colour instead of being green. “Our millet and maize are short and
yellow in colour, this is a cause for concern to us,” stated Amat Faal.
Saikou Ceesay a farmer in Niamina East asserted that
though the season has registered a lot of rainfall, they are not
expecting a bumper harvest as the weeds have outgrown most of their
Asked why that was the case, Mr Ceesay stated that it rains almost
every day and as such all the weeds that are weeded have germinated
immediately the rain fell on them. “This rain pattern makes it
practically impossible for us to make our farms clean this year,”
stated Saikou Ceesay.
Other farmers who spoke to this reporter in Jarra, Lower River Region
also share the same opinion with those at Central River and North Bank
Regions but added that farmers that had the opportunity to host herds
of cattle in their farms are the ones whose cereals are growing
properly because of the manure.
Foroyaa will approach the Ministry of Agriculture to get their
expert opinion on the impact of this year’s rains on the crops in