DEFUNCT GPTC STAFF PURSUING SOCIAL SECURITY CLAIMS FOR 3 YEARS What is the transport ministry doing about this?

By Alhagie Sora
A group of former Gambia Public Transport Corporation (GPTC) staffGPTC bus
told Foroyaa that they are still pursuing their claims for their
social security benefits without success. Social security
contributions by GPTC have not been made.The former employees of the defunct company recently visited Foroyaa’s
offices to convey their message through the medium for audience with the authorities for the smooth settlement of their
savings. According to the group’s spokesperson, many of them have not
been working since GPTC became defunct in 2012. They explained that as
responsible parents, they find it difficult to fulfill their family
needs. They further said that since the closure of the said company,
life has been very difficult for them. According to them, if a
company is closed down after three months one can get a percentage of
one’s savings, but that since 2012 they cannot still get anything. He
called on the stakeholders involved to come to their aid. He said to
their surprise whenever they approach an authority in pursuit of their
claims they will welcome them, meet them and give them hope that the
matter will soon be settled, but in the end their hopes will be
In their appeal to the authorities responsible, the spokesperson
recalled that they suffer a lot before they could lay hands on their
retirement benefit due to them from GPTC, which was not settled till
However, their social security benefits are yet to be paid, apparently
due to a gap in payment of contributions. Foroyaa’s information is
that Social Security is hesitating to pay their social security
benefits unless the gap is closed.
The Director of Public Relation at the Social Security and Housing
Finance Corporation Mr. Ebrima Dampha when contacted on the issue of
settling their claims, did not confirm or deny the claims, but was
quick to refer this reporter to the ministry of transport saying they have
a desk officer responsible for the issue who serves as interlocutor
between them (SSHFC) and claimants. He re-iterated that they are the
ones mediating on the issue of payment.
When contacted, Mr. Ebrima Sanneh the desk officer at the ministry of
transport confirmed the story but said he is not mandated to talk to
the press. When ask who the spokesperson is, he said it is the
permanent secretary (PS) at the ministry of transport.
However, several attempts to reach Mr. Dodou Senghore, the permanent
secretary at the ministry of transport by phone and visits to hear his
part of the story have been unsuccessful.
Further efforts will be made to sound the opinion of the PS on the issue.