The whole world is fighting in Syria but none could tell you which
fight aims to bring enlarged liberty and prosperity to the Syrian
people. ISIS is fighting to establish a Caliphate which is yet to
indicate how it will bring liberty and propriety to the people.
Instead, the oil money of the Syrian people is being used to purchase
sophisticated weapons which is fuelling the war that is causing more
death and destruction. This is also increasing the number of orphans,
refugees and displaced persons. In the same vein Assad is using the
oil money and other resources of Syria to buy sophisticated weapons to
cause more death and destruction even though he knows that he will
never be able to preside over a peaceful and prosperous Syria and
should have been preparing for life after the Presidency instead of
being president for life.
As far as the international community is concerned, the major objective
is to destroy ISIS. They have not articulated any agenda aimed at
enlarging the liberty and prosperity of the Syrian people. Hence they
are also contributing to the death and destruction.
Russia is supporting the Assad regime and is providing arms and
logistics to add more to the death and destruction.
As millions of Syrians turn towards Western Europe instead of moving
to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar one must wonder what the religious
content of the war is. Muslims and Christians are all on the move.
It is very clear that what Syria needs is a state where people could
enjoy freedom of association, freedom of religious belief and practice
and freedom to choose one’s manner of government.
The international community could only stem the tide of refugees if
they create a safe haven in Syria and prevent ISIS or the Assad regime
from penetrating the area while international talks commence on the
future of Syria. These safe havens and no fly zones should receive all
the assistance of the international community to enable those who
genuinely want the liberty and prosperity of the Syrian people to
assemble and plan its future and negotiate with Assad for a peaceful
hand over of power to a transitional government which will prepare the
ground for a peaceful transfer of power to a democratically elected