CPA Sensitises Chiefs, “Alkalos” on Child Rights

By Rohey Jadama
Child Protection Alliance with funding from Save the Children
International yesterday 14th September, 2015 at the Governor’s office in

Brikama organised a day long sensitization workshop for  Chiefs
and “Alkalos” in the West Coast Region on child rights and child
The Deputy Governor, in deputising for the Governor of  West Coast
Region Madam Siffai Hydara said “inspite of the high premium we place
on our children, they are sometimes subjected to abuse and
exploitation, such as sexual abuse and exploitation, neglect, physical
abuse and emotional or psychological abuse, which grossly violate
their rights and compromise their ability to reach their maximum
potentials in life.”
Madam Hydara said the workshop is very important because it is about
children, the future leaders of the country and the traditional
leaders who are highly respectable figures in communities. She added that it is also important of the
role they can play to ensure that children grow up into responsible,
respected and purposeful leaders tomorrow.
“You have moral authority and people look up to you for solace and
advice. Your position within society and communities make you the
frontline advocates for the rights of children. You can spread the
word about what it takes to protect the rights of children from abuse
and exploitation through your various fora you have with your people”,
she said.
Mrs Hydara urged the participants to disseminate the knowledge
acquired from the training to their various villages and to always
practice what they preach.
For his part, the National Coordinator of  Child Protection Alliance,
Mr. Njundu Drammeh said they normally say that children are the future
leaders of tomorrow but that they are also the present and are the
future and the future is prepared today if we want them to be good
leaders of tomorrow.
The CPA National Coordinator emphasized the importance of education in
the life of children. He added that if a child is educated, he or she
becomes economically empowered, independent and helps his parents and
the society economically. Mr Drammeh said investing in children takes
the form of giving quality education, discipline and fulfillment of
their rights.
Other speakers included Alhagie Demba Sanyang, the Paramount Chief.