By Mustapha Jallow
Mr Buba Ceesay, who is residing at Tabokoto is still under detentionBuba Ceesay
at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) detention centre in Banjul
without arraignment before a court of law or release, according to a
The senior Customs Officer, attached to the Banjul InternationalAirport, has been under detention since his arrest on Monday, 24
August, 2015, said a source.
Family members say that none of them knows the reason(s) why he was
put behind bars. They say access has been given to them to be taking
food and other needs to him at NIA.
The family is still calling on the said authorities to immediately
come to their aid and release their loved one.
According to a family source, Mr. Ceesay, was on the verge of
travelling out of the country on a mission when he received a phone
call from someone who asked him to report to the airport. The source
added that he was picked up and taken to the NIA headquarters in
Banjul, where he is still being held for more than 72 hours without
release beyond what is required by section 19 of the Constitution
regarding the detention of a person.