How the Gambia Should Try to Avoid War?

Dec 25, 2016.

The greater part of avoiding war in the Gambia is on the Lord, who may decide based on how we handle our parts. Among us, President Jammeh and president elect Barrow have the biggest responsibility to help avoid war, and I am not impressed with their choices. Even me and you have some responsibilities, including advising Barrow, Jammeh, our service people, and the caring ones around the world. Advising each other Truth is a responsibility based on common sense and chapter 103 of the marvelous Kuhran. Continue reading


El Malick Faal

The Revolution of the people continues

Which no retrogressive forces could discontinue

For it draws its strength from the people’s Will

To cure the country of its many ills

It moves along steadily day by day

Smashing all barriers on its way

It bulldozes old structures into dust and clay

And paves further its broad highway

The 2nd  Republic- Republic of Paradox

Autocratic, they claimed to be solid like rocks

They condemned colonialism to demonstrate bravery Continue reading