23 Year Old Female Seeks for Assistance

BY Nelson Manneh

Jainaba Jallow, a 23 year old girl residing in Nema Kunku village, is seeking for assistance to get a wheelchair to facilitate her movement. Jainaba Jallow has been a cripple for the past twenty-three (23) years.  According to her mother, Mrs. Fatoumatta Bah, her daughter was born in this condition and they have always provided her a wheelchair, for the past 23 years. Continue reading

Nine Year Old Needs Help for Overseas Treatment

Musa Susso, father of a nine year old girl is seeking for assistance to enable his daughter undergo overseas treatment in China.Nine Year Old Needs Help

According to a medical report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), young Aminata Susso’s CT scan of the brain shows severe sign of brain atrophy. “In both temporo-fronto parietal lobes, there is large hypodense area with encephalomacy aspect. There are small microcalcifications in both certebral hemispheres, mild dilated lateral and third ventricular,” the report states. Continue reading

Former GPA Dockworker Appeals for Assistance

By Ousman Sillah

Momodou Jallow, a Dockworker at GPA, who sustained a fracture on the left thigh after being hit by a container in October 1999, Momodou Jallowis appealing for assistance. Mr. Jallow is practically disabled i.e 15% disabled, according to a Medical Board report from the EFSTH.

Jallow was admitted at the Edward Francis Small teaching Hospital (then RVTH) and discharged after 3 months (January 2000). Continue reading