By Aja Musu Bah-Daffeh

Mrs Fatim Badjie, Vice Chairperson Board of Directors Young People in the Media (YPM) has inspired young girls throughout the country at the recently held all girls conference convened by her organization in collaboration with The Girls Generation (TGG).

The objective of the All Girls Conference was to bring duty bearers within communities from all over the country Continue reading

Risking Disease Infection and Exploitation –The Heart-wrenching Stories of Women Forced into Prostitution by Poverty

By Amie Sanneh

It is a foggy night punctuated by a chilly weather. Inside is lit up by a revolving bright light which produces a magnificent daylight-like effect, a typical local gig reverberates in the background.

Sitting on a stool with legs crossed, Isatou Mbenge –not her real name –dons a raunchy mini skirt barely covering Continue reading