Interview with Amie Sillah-Sarr on Participation of Women in Politics


With Sarjo Camara-Singateh

In this edition of Women and Development our guest is Amie Sillah Sarr. She will share her experiences and understanding of the Amie Sillah 2State of women in Politics in the Country, what role women can play in politics; what possibilities there are for reform leading to a proportional representation; a way forward and whether or not the Gambia can emulate other countries to form a women’s situation room during elections. Continue reading

Participation of Women in Politics

With Sarjo Camara-Singateh

In this edition of Women and Development, we bring you issues affecting women during election period. The next presidential Participation of Women in Politicselection is drawing near – just December 1, 2016. This is a time for each voter to take stock of the past five years and come up with a decision that will serve the interest of our dear nation.

Women are part and parcel of the society. The era of clapping and dancing in the political arena while we remain back stage Continue reading

GAMCOTRAP kicks off 2016 activities in the Central River Region North and Lower and Central Baddibu districts

GAMCOTRAP recently completed a three days sensitization workshop in the Central River Region North reaching out to about GAMCOTRAP kicks off 2016 activities400 Women leaders from Sami, Niani and Lower Saloum districts who benefitted from the sensitizations held at Karantaba Dutokoto, Wassu and Kaur Janneh Kunda respectively.

Speaking at Wassu, Chief of Niani, Alhajie Pierre Bah appreciated the efforts of GAMCOTRAP in raising the consciousness of not Continue reading