The Fate Gambian Prisoners in Senegal

National Assembly Members should pose the following questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

How many Gambians are being held in prisons in Senegal? How many are being held in detention without speedy trail? How many are convicted?  What offences have they been convicted of? What are the sentences? Have High Commission Staff paid them visits to enquire about their welfare? Have their family members been informed about their whereabouts? Have the Government made any effort to have those who are held without any evidence to be released and those convicted to be sent home to serve the rest of their sentence or be pardoned?
The role of a government is to protect the citizenry inside and outside the country.


Abdoulie G. Dibba

Falalo Touray is now the Director General of the Department of Agriculture as of 27th October 2015 Foroyaa can reveal.Falalo Touray

Information gathered from the Agriculture Ministry has it that Falalo Touray who was the Permanent Secretary number one until his redeployed to the Central Project Coordinating Unit on the 15th of October, is now Director General of the Department of Agriculture. Continue reading


In 2011 the sum spent on the Maintenance of State Aircraft was 28.9 Million Dalasis. In 2012 the sum was 25 Million Dalasis and in 2013 it was 26.3  Million Dalasis. In 2014 the National Assembly approved 135 Million Dalasis as supplementary allocation  for salaries of crew, insurance cost and air tickets. In 2015 the item was left blank. Does this mean that Gambia no longer has a state aircraft? Foroyaa will investigate.